"The rubbing of boobs continued for some time"

A couple of my friends together with my girlfriend had been to a place called Shimla to spend our holiday. Because of a landslide we couldn't return so we had to stay there for a few more days. We stayed in a hut holiday camp. Because there were too many of us and we were running out of cash, I slept with my girlfriend, with two others girls in another bed and a guy in the floor. The room wasnt big and any kind of sound produced could be fairly noticed. As I slept with my girl I kissed her then I gently rubbed her boobs. The rubbing of boobs continued for some time. And then I sucked her nipples. I felt her back and when I went down to open her pants she resisted. But I still put my hands inside her pants. I couldn't feel her pussy, but I kept rubbing her there, and she reached across and began to feel my cock. Then our breathing went faster and louder, but we had to maintain silence. It was a great experience.

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